Come and join us for our 2014 Wednesday Night Summer Series Racing.

Summer Series 1 2014 Results

Summer Series 2 2014 NOW UNDER WAY!

Round 1 – Wed 25th June Results
Round 2 – Wed 2nd July Results
Round 3 – Wed 9th July Results
Round 4 – Wed 16th July Results
Round 5 – Wed 23rd July Results
Round 6 – Wed 30th July Results
Round 7 – Wed 6th August Results
Round 8 – Wed 13th August Results
Round 9 – Wed 20th August Results
Round 10 – Wed 27th August

Should you have any queries regarding the results for our weekly Wednesday night club racing series, please speak to the ladies in the cabin on Wednesday night and they will be able to help.

An explanation of how points are awarded is detailed at the end of this page (and in the attached PDF document: Formula Racing Explained). We hope this helps with understanding how the system we use works?

Series 2 2013, Round 10, 11th Sept FINAL RESULTS (1st, 2nd, 3rd) - RESULTS (pdf file).

Series 1 2013, Round 10, 19th June FINAL RESULTS (1st, 2nd, 3rd) - RESULTS (pdf file).

2011 and 2012 RESULTS – FYI:

Click here to see the results from our Series 2 Racing 2012 (PDF file)
Click here to see the results from our Series 1 Racing 2012 (PDF file)
Click here to see the results from our Series 2 Racing 2011 (PDF file)
Click here to see the results from our Series 1 Racing 2011 (PDF file)

Note: ONLY BRISTOL CLUB MEMBERS will be allocated points for Series Racing. The performance of NON MEMBERS is not taken into consideration and their names will not appear on any Series League Table. 

You will enter the formula at the start of the season based on your year of birth.  At the end of each week’s racing the top two/three riders from each formula will be promoted to the next formula with the bottom two/three riders being demoted down a formula.  This is worked out automatically by the computer programme.

This gives riders the opportunity of taking part in more competitive racing where they will be racing against riders of a similar ability, rather than always racing riders of their own age.

However the points for trophies are worked out according to a rider’s age – for example there are six riders aged 14.  They will all start off in Formula 3 and will be given place points according to the position they finish in.  Over subsequent weeks it may be that one 14 year old progresses to Formula 2 and one 14 year old is demoted to Formula 4.  If the 14 year old in formula 2 comes last in his/her race, they will still be awarded first place points for their age group as they are racing in a higher formula and so are ahead of the other riders who are the same age.  Similarly if the 14 year old in formula 4 comes first in his/her race, they will be given last place points for their age group as they are in a lower formula.  Place points are awarded as follows:

1st – 25 points
2nd – 22 points
3rd – 20 points
4th – 19 points
5th – 18 points
6th – 17 points
and so forth

If you would like a more detailed explanation about this or any other help on a Wednesday please do ask one of the committee.

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