SW Regionals

An outstanding season for the club saw Bristol top the South West Regional rankings after 9 rounds of the Regional Series. In total 85 Bristol riders competed in at least 1 round during 2013. See team summary table below for full results. Congratulations to Dan Pople, multiple title winner on 20″ & 24″ including Regional Elite.

2014 Regional Dates Announced – scroll to bottom of page….

South West Regional 2013 titles & 1.2 plates went to 7 Bristol riders:

Jamie Phillips (Male 10)
George Rooke (Male 14)
Alex Kite (Male 15)
Michael Johnson (Male Masters)
Dan Pople (Male Cruiser 17-29)
Graham Watts (Male Cruiser 45+)
Sarah Marie Thomas (Female Cruiser 17-29)
Dan Pople (Regional Elite)

Jamie Phillips

 Jamie Phillips (Male 10)

Alex Kite

Alex Kite (Male 15)


Dan Pople

Dan Pople
(Regional Elite & Cruiser 17-29) 

Mike Johnson

Michael Johnson (Masters)

George RookeGeorge Rooke (Male 14)Sarah Marie Thomas

 Sarah Marie Thomas 
(Female Cruiser 17-29)

Graham Watts

Graham Watts (Male Cruiser 45+)


TEAM SUMMARY after 9 of 9 Rounds 2013

1 Bristol BMX Club 3341.0
2 Tiverton BMX Club 3232.0
3 Burnham BMX Club 3145.0
4 Cornwall BMX Racing Club 3119.5
5 Decoy BMX Club 3106.0
6 Bideford Bombers BMX 2946.0
7 Braunton BMX 2904.0
8 Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club 2845.0
9 Bath BMX 2626.5
10 Tredegar 2361.0
11 One and All Cycling 792.5
12 Torbay BMX 155.5


For 2013 Rider, Club and Team Results – click here to go to South West BMX Website.


2014 Regional Dates Announced

Reg 1 – Sun 30th March – Paignton (link to club website)
Reg 2 – Sun 6th April – Bath (link to club website – not working)
Reg 3 – Sun 27th April – Exeter (link to club website)
Reg 4 – Sun 4th May – Cornwall (link to club website)
Reg 5 – Sun 11th May – Tiverton (link to club website – not working)
Reg 6 – Sun 1st June – Bristol
Reg 7 – Sun 8th June – Decoy (link to club website – not working)
Reg 8 – Sun 13th July – Bideford (link to club website)
Reg 9 – Sun 10th August – Burnham (link to club website)
SW Champs – Sun 7th September – tbc

Note: if the club website is not working/live – you may be able to find a facebook site for the relevant club.
(a) 7 from 9 rounds required to qualify for ranking and trophy.
(b) Plate Numbers – 2013 Regional Ranking or last 3 digits of race licence on green SW plate.
(c) 5 rounds required to qualify for the British Championships. If a rider starts the season as a Novice they must have at least raced 3 events as an Expert to qualify.
(d) Deadline for submission of race teams (10 riders) – March 2nd.
(e) No parents allowed on the start hill (Experts – any age). Parents of Novice riders aged 6 & under allowed on the start hill.
(f) Any rider wishing to ride out of age group must submit a letter of request to the SW region from their club chairman/coach. A rider can only revert after their 1st race – thereafter the rider must stay in that age group. Deadline for letters of support – March 2nd.
(g) Deadline to request dispensation (injury/illness/competing overseas) to ride in the British Championships – August 4th.

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