Mike Johnson

Age: 30 yrs

Race Plate: SW1

When did you start racing: 1992-1997 / 2011-present

BMX you ride: ABD team issue pro L

Sponsors:  ABD

Favourite BMX Track: Cheddar


Titles I have won:
2nd British champs 1996
1st British club champs 1996
1st British grand national 1997
1st south series 1997
1st southwest champs 2011
8th British champs 2011
1st Bristol series 2 2011

How do I train for races
: Sprints and as much track time as I can.

Other sports I do: Martial Arts.

Advice to newcomers: Enjoy yourself and become one with your bike.

Biggest Inspiration: Dale Holmes and Stephen Murray.

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